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Written By Nick Veri ()

Updated at October 17th, 2022

zavvie Dashboard - Frequently Asked Questions

Client list - Agents

How can I find a specific client or address?

  • There are a couple of different ways to find a specific client or address. First, you can use the search bar at the top of the client list to search by client name, address or buying location, or tracking ID. You can also use filters to narrow down your list by date submitted, deal status, eligibility status, and client type.

What does eligibility status mean?

  • When you submit a request through the platform, our team gets started right away checking eligibility for the solutions providers in your area. 
    • "Eligible" status means that your client meets the criteria for solutions 
    • In progress” means that we are still working on the eligibility check
    • Ineligible” means that the client or address is not eligible for any solutions at this time.

What does deal status mean?

  • Once your client is identified as eligible, our team starts submitting your request to solution providers in your area. Throughout the process, we’ll update the deal status:

What does client type mean?

  • Whenever you submit a request through the platform, the client will be either a buyer, seller, or buyer/seller (both).

Why do some of my clients have an address listed and others say “buying in [County/state]?

  • When your client is a buyer only, we use the buying location instead of an address. For example: “Buying in Summit County, CO”

Why are some of my clients missing names?

  • Automated listing feeds provide property data, but not client information. You can edit the client name by clicking on the client from the dashboard, and then when the details pane opens up, click on “Client Name” and the name becomes editable.

Where can I find my tracking ID?

  • Click on a client from the dashboard. When the client details pane opens up, you will be able to see the tracking ID in the header.

How can I change my client’s contact information?

  • Click on a client from the dashboard. When the client details pane opens up, expand the contact info section and click to edit the email address or phone number.

Why don’t I see the client I submitted listed on my dashboard? If you don't see your client’s name or their property address it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • If you have sent the property questionnaire to your client’s email through the platform, but do not see your client’s information, this will indicate that your client has not yet completed the property questionnaire. 
  • If you see your name in place of the client’s name, you may update this record to your client’s name by selecting the record and updating the client name details.
  • If the client was submitted prior to October 2022, this historical information is not available in your dashboard. Please reach out to your support team if requiring information regarding a client not listed on your dashboard.

Client details pane

I received an offer from a solution provider on behalf of my client. How can I add this to their client details? 

  • From your dashboard, click on the client to view the details pane. 
  • Under “Offers requested” you will see each of the solution providers that you requested. For seller solutions, you’ll see a link that says “I received an offer” and for buyer solutions, you’ll see a link that says “I received a client approval.” 

  • Clicking this link will open up a popup where you can either enter details or submit a link to the offer/approval. For seller solutions, you’ll have the option to upload a pdf of the offer also. Confirm the details, and then the status of that deal will change to “Offer received” or “Approved” (depending on the solution type.)

How can I upload photos to my client details? 

  • From the client details pane, scroll down to “Seller info” and next to the “Photos” section you will see a button that says “Upload photos.” 

  • Clicking this button will open a popup where you can drag and drop or browse to add photos. 

  • Accepted file types include JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP, with a max file size of 5Mb per photo. 

  • Once the photos have been uploaded, you will see them in the “Photos section” of the details pane. 

  • Can I change the client details that I submitted through the platform? 

    • Agent and loan officer users can edit a client's name and contact information. For all other changes, you can submit the change request form. There are a couple of ways to access this change request form:

      • From the main dashboard, each client row has an ellipses icon on the far right side. Clicking this will give you the option to request a change.

      • From the client details pane, scroll down to the seller info or buyer info sections and find the link that says “Need to change these details?” 

      • From the client details pane, the header area has an ellipses icon on the right-hand side. Clicking this will give the option to request a change

How can I check in on the status of my offer request?

  • On your dashboard, you can use the search bar or filtering options to find the client you’d like to view the status of. Each client inquiry will show a “deal status” which is an overall status. 

  • To view details about each solution provider requested, click on the client name to view the client details pane. Under “offers requested” you’ll see complete and incomplete steps for each solution provider.

How do I add photos?

  • Select the client record that you want to update. In the client details pane, scroll to “seller info” and under the photos section, there is an “Upload photos” button. 
  • Once you have added all the photos, click “I’m done uploading” and you should now see your photos in the details pane.
  • Please note the accepted file types: JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. 
  • *HEIC or Live Photos are not supported.
  • If you are unable to upload photos to your dashboard, you may email any photos to customersuccess@zavvie.com. Be sure to include the home’s address in the subject line.


My platform is telling me that I have notifications. What does this mean?

  • A notification system designed to keep you in the loop with all of the clients who have been submitted through your platform. You’ll be alerted when clients receive offers or approvals, and when further action is required from you to move the process along. 
  • In the top right-hand corner of your platform, you will see a notification bell icon. You can click this to view your notifications. Whenever you have a new notification, you’ll see a small red dot on the notification bell. 
  • You’ll receive notifications whenever the deal status for a client changes to “action required”, “offer received”, or “approved” 
  • For loan officer users, you’ll get notifications whenever a status changes to pre-funded or under contract. 

Why am I getting a notification with “actions required” when I have already completed these actions?

  • Sometimes you will need to complete an action to move the process forward. Some examples include: filling out an application on a solution provider’s website, uploading a pre-approval letter, or reviewing a preliminary offer. Once you have completed the required action, click the “Mark as complete” button next to the checklist item in the Offers Received section of your client details. 

Offer report

How do I add the offers that I receive?

  • If you have received either an approval or an offer for a client, you have the ability to add it to the client's details. Under the offers requested section of the client details pane, find the solution provider you’re working with, and you will see either an “I received an offer” or “I received a client approval” option, depending on your client. Click that link and it will prompt you to enter the offer details or upload the offer as a pdf. When you’re finished, you will now see a summary of that offer on the client details pane. For Loan Officers, you will see a prompt to upload an underwriting approval.

How do I generate an offer report? NOTE: This feature will be released in 2023

  • At the bottom of the “offers requested” section of the client details pane, you’ll see a button that says “Download Offer Report.” This will download a pdf report containing all solution providers that you requested, with their current status.