Who is Divvy?

Written By Brittany Ware (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 2nd, 2022

Rent your dream home while we help you save for a down payment. You can buy the home from us whenever you’re ready, or walk away and cash out your savings.


Atlanta, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Jacksonville, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio, St. Louis, Tampa


  • Divvy purchases the home for the client, covering all fees and costs. Then, Divvy leases it out to the client for 3 years at which any point the client can buy the home from Divvy. 
  • During the 3 year leasing, Divvy saves 1/4 of the rent payments that the client pay monthly while living inside the home. This savings can be used as the down payment for the home or can be later cashed out if the client does not wish to purchase the home, minus a small relisting fee (percentage.)

Client Benefits

  • Live in your dream home, while saving up money to eventually buy the home from Divvy.
  • A large down payment of usually 5-15% of the home's listing price is not necessary. Divvy only requires a 1-2% down payment to start your new program.
  • Save and build your wealth sooner than later.

Client Fit

Buyers who have trouble with saving money for large down payments or buyers with short employment histories and lower credit ratings.






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