Automated Listing FAQ

Written By Nick Veri (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 2nd, 2022

How does this work?

Your brokerage’s coming soon and active listings are reviewed for eligibility, in order to find potential offers in your market. Any offers received through the program are no obligation, and we never share your client's information with anyone.


After confirming you're ready to explore every buying and selling option on your client's behalf our team will check the property’s eligibility and send you an Offer Summary Report of any Verified Buyers who may be in contact with you regarding a potential offer.

If an offer is received, our team will generate a Confirmed Offer Report that shows a side-by-side comparison of the offers, estimated client nets, and factors in agent commission.

We make sure that all offers are shared with you, the agent, directly.  By exploring all of your client’s options you stay in the center of any transaction as the expert guiding them to their best solution.

How does my commission get paid?

Your seller will pay your commission from their proceeds, based on your listing agreement. You will need to coordinate with the title and escrow companies to confirm your commission is on the closing documents.

What is the cost?

The program is provided to you, the agent, by your brokerage at no additional cost.

Some solution providers may have a service fee on their offer made which will be indicated alongside any potential initial offer.

Does my client have to move forward with any offers?

Any initial offers received through the program are at no obligation to move forward. Our goal is to assist you when presenting all available options to your clients so you may guide them to their best solution to buy or sell their home.

What if I don’t receive any offers?

Most clients would want to know that you had done everything possible on their behalf. If no offers are received, you can continue on the open market with confidence, empowered by knowing that you have explored every option on your client’s behalf.

Can I request offers prior to listing?

Absolutely! You may visit your brokerage’s zavvie platform to request buying and selling solutions for clients before listing on the open market. Don’t have the link to your brokerage’s platform? Email our team at