Understanding the Listing Integration Process

Written By Nick Veri ()

Updated at February 1st, 2023

Why set up Listing Integration with our team?

Our goal is to increase agent adoption with your Marketplace tools. With Listing Integration, automatically send Coming Soon and Active listings to our Customer Success Team. Once received, we will automatically check the eligibility of each listing to see what offers might be available while communicating with your agents through the process.

Agents can still use the Marketplace to receive estimates and get offers for their clients. Make sure to visit your brokerage Marketplace tool, or see an example with the zavvie demo Platform.

With Listing Integration, zavvie has a “safety net” or automated way to receive all brokerage listings. Any offer received through your program is no obligation, and we never share your client's information. We make sure that all offers are shared directly with the agent. By integrating your listings into the Marketplace, you can be sure that you've explored every option available on your client's behalf.

How it works:

  • We check your listings feed on a daily basis for "Coming Soon" and "Day 1 Active" listings.
  • We contact the listing agent when a listing is eligible for offers.
  • With approval from the agent, we submit for offers and provide the agent with an Offer Summary Report letting the agent know which Solution Providers they should expect to receive offers from.
  • Agents then present all offers to their clients and advise on the best option moving forward.

Setting Up Listing Integration

Do you have access to a listing feed, either through your CRM or another system? Would it be possible to set up email notifications from a Listing Presentation / CMA tool? Each brokerage operates differently, and we want to support the solution that will work best for you.

It’s important to note that our Customer Success Team can also receive listing notification emails in order to process new brokerage listings. This can be set up directly through your MLS or brokerage website.

NOTE - zavvie does not need IDX approval from the MLS as we do not display listings publicly. An email notification of Coming Soon and Active listings from the MLS to our Customer Success Team would work.

Many of our clients have successfully set up Listing Integration through an XML feed (such as kvCORE), or API integration (MoxiWorks).

kvCORE offers this article from their Support Center with more information about syndication and sharing listing data. Please reach out to our Support Team with any questions.

Email Notifications

If an XML feed or listing feed is not available, our Customer Success Team can process listing notification emails directly from your MLS or brokerage website.

We would only want to receive brokerage listings and only the status of Coming Soon / Active listings. Email notifications should be set to send "Instantly" or "Daily".

Please send these notifications to your white-labeled Customer Success email address. Contact brokersuccess@zavvie.com with any questions about these resources.

If you are able to set up these email notifications, please let our team know so that we can start processing the new emails we receive.