zavvie Platform FAQs

Written By Nick Veri (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 3rd, 2023


What is zavvie?

  • Zavvie is a software platform that provides a brokerage with a marketplace that includes buying and selling solutions for agents to retrieve estimates and offers from for their clients.

How does zavvie work?

  • zavvie gives the modern brokerage its own marketplace to co-opt all buying and selling solutions while keeping its agents at the center of the transaction. Zavvie enables your brokerage the ability to truly present your client with all buying and selling options available in the market to your clients. Agents are able to present all options and maintain their commission. 

What is an iBuyer?

  • An institutional home-buying company that aids a consumer looking to sell their home. They purchase homes with cash directly from the home seller with the promise of a quick and easy sale. iBuyers deliver the service offering known as an Instant Sale.

What is a Power Buyer?

  • An institutional home-buying company that aids a consumer looking to sell their home and purchase a new one, or helps a buyer that does not have a home to sell and just needs to buy. They allow the consumer to put forth a contingency-free and/or cash offer on their new home. Power Buyers deliver service offerings that may include- Buyer Before You Sell (Bridge), Sale Lease Back (Bridge), and Cash Offer.

What is a Cash Offer?

  • A home buying solution facilitated by a Power Buyer. Power Buyer purchases home with the intention to place an all-cash offer on a new home. Also includes aiding buyers with making a non-contingent all-cash offer without selling a home.

What is an Instant Sale?

  • An all-cash home selling solution facilitated by an iBuyer. The iBuyer purchases a home with cash.

What is Modern Bridge?

  • When a client wants to buy a new home and has a home to sell, they can use Modern Bridge to facilitate the transaction. Modern Bridge is a process where a Power Buyer temporarily purchases the client's old home and provides the client with the funds to purchase the new home with cash OR Makes a cash offer on the client’s next home, allowing them to move in and rent the home until the previous home is sold.

  • Modern Bridge works well for clients who want the security of purchasing and moving into their new home without worrying about trying to sell their old home.

What is the difference between Modern Bridge and Cash Offer?

  • Cash offer solutions are for clients who don't have the capital to make a cash offer. Cash offer solutions give your client the power of an iBuyer with this cash. 
  • Modern Bridge Programs are for clients who are buying and selling a home. They allow you to make a cash offer on your next home and sell the previous home for max value.

What is Homeownership Accelerator?

  • A program that allows a renter to use their rental payments and financial coaching as a way to build toward owning their home.

What is Home Warranty?

  • After purchasing a home on the open market, it is natural to want to protect one's investment. Home Warranty allows a homeowner to get repairs on appliances and other parts of the home by paying a monthly subscription. 

What is Listing Concierge?

  • These companies do pre-listing renovations, staging, and repairs. Companies pay for them upfront, and the seller pays them back at closing.

How do I upload pictures after I submit the property?

  • Reach out to your customer success team to see how you can provide photos based on the solution providers your submission is eligible for.

How do you download and print the resources?

  • Command P 

    • Destination> Save as PDF OR select Printer

  • Collateral is available for download from our Support Center


How do I use the Marketplace?

  • Your Marketplace platform has 3 different components: an estimate tool, property questionnaire, and a Confirmed Offer Report.

  • To quickly request all available buying and selling solutions for your client, visit your platform and select which type of client you’re working with. 

  • To generate the estimate report: You will enter the price range of the home being purchased and/or the address of the home being sold. Once the fields are completed, select ‘GO’ to instantly create an estimate report of all buying and selling solutions. Each solution in the generated report may be expanded in the ‘details’ to see the breakdown of the cost of selling and adjusted based on the agent commissions, prep/repairs, and closing costs. Once the estimate report is complete you may select ‘Get Estimate Report’ to download it as a PDF. The estimate report is always optional to complete prior to completing the property questionnaire.

  • To proceed with requesting offers: Select “Next Step: Get offers” at the bottom of the estimate report or select “Request offers” on the left-hand side of the page. This will take you through the property and client questionnaire to assist you in connecting with all eligible solution providers. This form may be completed by you the agent, or you will also have the option at step 3 to send the rest of the form for your client to complete. No matter how the form is completed, the agent will be the main point of contact.

  • Once your submission is complete our customer success team will contact you regarding any next steps - doing the work on the back in to review the home’s eligibility and connecting you to all available solution providers. Any offers you may receive you will send to your customer success team to generate a Confirmed Offer Report as a side-by-side comparison of any offers made.

  • For additional details on how to use the Marketplace platform, view our demo.

How do I keep my commission?

  • Your seller will pay your commission from their proceeds, based on your listing agreement. You will need to coordinate with the title and escrow companies to confirm your commission is on the closing documents.

Can I make changes to my request/application?

  • Agent and loan officer users can edit a client's name and contact information. For all other changes, you can submit the change request form. There are a couple of ways to access this change request form:
    • From the main dashboard, each client row has an ellipses icon on the far right side. Clicking this will give you the option to request a change.
    • From the client details pane, scroll down to the seller info or buyer info sections and find the link that says “Need to change these details?” 
    • From the client details pane, the header area has an ellipses icon on the right-hand side. Clicking this will give the option to request a change

How can I check the status of my inquiry?

  • On your dashboard, you can use the search bar or filtering options to find the client you’d like to view the status of. Each client inquiry will show a “deal status” which is an overall status. To view details about each solution provider requested, click on the client name to view the client details pane. Under “offers requested” you’ll see complete and incomplete steps for each solution provider.

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How do I roll out my program to my agents?

  • Announce to your agents through email. See the email template provided

  • Conduct agent training, via live meetings or webinars.

  • Reference the generic zavvie video to get the basic content

  • The training can come from you, or zavvie is available to support a virtual training webinar, customized for your brokerage.

  • Use the collateral we provided, and/or create your own

  • Train during office, team, or company meetings

  • Share success stories.

  • Let us know how we can help!