Introduction to the Solutions

Written By Brittany Ware (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 3rd, 2022

zavvie partners with a variety of solution providers to provide all options for your brokerages' buyers and sellers. Below is a breakdown of all 6 buying and selling solutions and their uses:

Selling Solutions

Instant Sale

When an institutional buyer, also known as an Instant Buyer or iBuyer, purchases a home from a private seller, this is called an Instant Sale. It usually has a fast closing period with service fees involved that are comparable to the amount for an agent's commission.

Instant Sale is often used when a seller values convenience or has time constraints.

Modern Bridge

When a client wants to buy a new home and has a home to sell, they can use Modern Bridge to facilitate the transaction. Modern Bridge is a process where a Power Buyer temporarily purchases the client's old home and provides the client with the funds to purchase the new home with cash.

Listing Concierge

Selling a house can take a lot work for your client. To remove stress, Listing concierge takes care of the preps, repairs, and staging of your client's house on their behalf.

Buying Solutions

Homeownership Accelerator

Buying a home is a challenge for some, either due lack of creditworthiness or down payment. The Homeownership Accelerator solution lets your client use their rental payments to build towards a down payment and their increase their credit score.

Cash Offers

When a client wants to have the power of cash behind their offer, they can use a Power Buyer to fuel this desire. Cash Offers turns a client's traditional loan-based offer into a cash offer. Clients who use Cash Offers are 7 times more likely to have their offers accepted.

Home Warranty

After purchasing a home on the open market, it is natural to want to protect one's investment. Home Warranty allows a new homeowner to get repairs on appliances and other parts of the home by paying a monthly subcription.