Who is Knock GO?

Written By Nick Veri (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 2nd, 2022


Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Washington, Oregon 


  • Even if the client's loan isn’t 100% clear to close, Knock guarantees to fund the loan with their cash on the closing date. This means the buyer's offer is not contingent on financing so they're up to 4X more likely to win their dream home.
  • A low appraisal means the client's at risk of losing their new home if they don’t come up with the extra cash. If the buyer's appraisal comes in low, Knock provides a credit for up to 100% of their closing costs to help you bridge the gap.
  • The buyer pays no extra fees for their Knock Guaranteed Offer, and the rates are competitive with other lenders. So, the buyer can get the buying power of cash at ZERO additional cost.

Client Benefits

  • Non-contingent, cash-backed financing & no double closing costs - own your home and build equity on Day 1 
  • Appraisal protection & No Origination or program fees 
  • Guaranteed closing date

Service Fees

  • No Origination or Program fees
  • No appraisal gap cost
  • No rent in new home
  • Lender Fees: $1,450
  • Closing Costs: $9,310