Who is Ribbon?

Written By Brittany Ware (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 2nd, 2022


Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas


  • (Bridge) Buy Before You Sell - With Ribbon, the client can buy their new home first, and gain valuable time to sell their current home at the best price.
  • (Cash Offer) Ribbon Boost - Ribbon backs the client's offer with cash and appraisal protection to make the offer stronger. If they secure their financing on time, great! If not, Ribbon will reserve the home and sell it back to the client for the same price.
  • (Bridge) Ribbon Reserve - Ribbon will reserve the home and sell it back to the client for the same price. The client can move in right away and get the time and flexibility they need to secure financing.


  • Ribbon Boost - Simultaneous closings 
    • Secure the client's next home then list their existing one. Time the purchase and sale closings knowing that Ribbon can step in if something goes wrong.
    •  Multiple offer situations - Clients use Ribbon to remove financial and home sale contingencies and win their dream home.
  • Ribbon Reserve - Closing fast
    • Ribbon can close within 14 business days. Reserve your next home with Ribbon, move in immediately, and get up to 6 months to secure financing.

Client Fit

  • Cash (Boost) - Use Ribbon to remove financial contingencies and win your dream home.
  • Bridge (Reserve) - Someone who is looking to purchase a new home, but also has a home to sell and wants a simplified, streamlined process.
  • Buyers looking to sell their current home to unlock the capital to purchase new home.
  • Buyers looking to make non-contingent cash offers to gain an edge over other potential buyers.