Webinar: How to Confidently Present an EasyKnock Bridge Solution

Written By alex.lujan (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 2nd, 2022

Bridge Buyer programs dramatically increase consumers' power as a homebuyer, allowing them to make strong offers on their next purchase by removing financing contingencies.


They are an absolute game changer for Realtors in this low inventory market. Currently, clients who utilize Bridge Buyer programs are averaging less than two offers to close, while conventional buyers are well over 6+ offers to close. 


Your Solutions program allows you to explore all selling options on behalf of your client, including Bridge Buyer programs. 


EasyKnock, one of the Bridge Buyers in the market, has experienced explosive growth. Their Q1 2021 business grew 70% from the previous quarter. Learn how you can utilize this selling solution for your clients on this webinar. 

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