Webinar: Leverage Your Modern Bridge Program to Unlock Listings

Written By alex.lujan ()

Updated at June 2nd, 2022

Modern Brokerages empower their agents to provide the highest level of service to their clients. They understand that different sellers may require different solutions, and that their agents need to be equipped to provide ALL selling options.
This month's Mindset webinar features one of our top broker partners, Samson Properties, who has found great success empowering their agents and leveraging zavvie to close more deals.

Watch this webinar as zavvie C.E.O., Lane Hornung, and VP of Operations at Samson Properties, Sarah Moorman, discuss:

- How to leverage your zavvie powered program to better service your clients 
- How Samson's agents have used Bridge Buyers to close deals
- Important Bridge Buyer statistical trends
- And more!