Selling Solutions Breakdown Script

Written By alex.lujan (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 3rd, 2022

Hi [First Name],

I’m super excited to be here and talk with you about selling your home. One reason I’m so excited is that since we last met, the market has evolved tremendously. Today we are experiencing a modern market as we have never seen before - think years of innovation in a matter of months. What that means for you is there are more options than ever before to sell your home. I have a program that lets you choose the best solution specifically for your situation. 


Listing Concierge is a service that can fund pre-listing renovations, moving/closing costs, staging, or even making upgrades to the home you're purchasing. Listing Concierge allows clients to list and sell their homes for maximum value. You're able to get quotes, matched with trusted professionals, and project management, taking the stress off the seller's shoulders. 


The next option is Bridge. This is especially salient in today’s market where inventory is limited. Bridge allows you to buy your next home with certainty and convenience before you sell your existing home. 


Lastly, I want to tell you about Instant Sale. There are many different types of buyers in the market, including iBuyers, to who I will reach out for offers. The benefit of Instant Sale is that you will have guaranteed cash offers without the hassle of prepping your home for showings